Mahogany Ridge, located on the picturesque ridge overlooking Highway 2A is just off Plum Tree Road and is as the name suggests.  A beautiful line of old mahogany trees gives it a distinctive look and its name and when the facility is fully illuminated at night, these tress create an ambiance like no other and they stand like a beacon for all to see.

For a truly successful event, venue is of primary importance.

The ambiance at Mahogany Ridge is suitable for any occasion be it corporate functions or other celebration and is an especially superb choice for weddings.  The site may be enhanced to minimum or maximum effect, depending on the wishes of the host or the couple getting married.  Simply put, landscape does not limit creative application of décor or ideas.

You are invited to bring any event your creative imagination can conjure up.  The facility is designed in such a manner that, with any event staging team (yours or ours) we can create any look that you desire.  Mahogany Ridge as a full service venue to which you can add or remove infrastructure to accommodate the numbers required.

There is a standard paved area that is 40 ft x 60 ft which can seat approx 200 persons banquet style. The versatility of this area allows for the possible decking of another 40 ft x 85 ft section which, when combined, can seat approximately 500 persons for dinner.  There is an additional 40 ft x 40 ft space in front of the buffet area which may be used for further seating or as a dance floor.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.